CORBIN FRAME: Apple Bottom Jeans / Peach Bottom Jeans, 2013


Image of CORBIN FRAME: Apple Bottom Jeans / Peach Bottom Jeans, 2013

ARTIST: CORBIN FRAME (w/ Michael Padilla)
TITLE: Apple Bottom Jeans / Peach Bottom Jeans, 2013
RETAIL PRICE: $669 each
DIMENSIONS: 45"x24"x18"

Corbin Frame is a multimedia artist recently relocated from New York City to Tucson where he works from a studio granted by the Artist-In-Residence Program at Process Museum. He works in sculpture, installation, virtual reality, interactive art and video. He is a former US Peace Corps Volunteer (Mali). He earned his BFA from CalArts in 1992 and his Masters from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program in 2000. He is full-time faculty at Southwest University of Visual Arts.
TITLE: Apple Bottom Jeans, Peach Bottom Jeans
DESCRIPTION: Multimedia sculpture - ‘Apple Bottom Jeans, Peach Bottom Jeans’ is a sculptural diptych conflating whimsy, humor, sexual/fashion puns, fetishism, projection, gaze, (gay and straight) ‘code(s)’ … thrift store finds … and fruit.
MATERIALS: thrift-store jeans, deconstructed Winnie-the-Pooh, rainbow suspenders, apple-green green fake fur leg warmers, peach-pink plush boa, Styrofoam apples and wax peaches; wood, chicken wire, papier-mache

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