Public Plates


There’s no better way to honor the joys of hospitality than with artists Fallen Fruit’s one-of-a-kind Public Plates.

This open-edition artwork matches quotations the artists have found in public spaces around the world with vintage and secondhand dinnerware. The phrases are taken from sources and perspectives as varied as handwritten signs, street art, and colloquialisms. The selected words are applied in black acrylic paint with a custom stencil created for each artwork. Every decorative Public Plate is sealed with varnish and signed and dated by the artists. Every plate is unique.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or a new piece of art to add to your own collection, celebrate the values of generosity and sharing with Fallen Fruit’s Public Plates.

by Fallen Fruit


  • I am Powerful
  • God Bless Our Home
  • Anything Helps, Thanks
  • Family in need
  • I asked god to send me a friend
  • Whenever there was a loud shout, it was sure to develop that someone had found blackberries...
  • The way to a friends house is never long.
  • Anything is a blessing! (everything helps) thank you, god bless!
  • Every place is a product of it's past.
  • Have A Heart