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Los Angelitos Silk Scarf


50x50 inches, Silk

This is from our permanent site specific art installation at the Vallarta Botanical Gardens, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Los Angelitos de Nuestra Señora del Jardín
David Allen Burns and Austin Young / Fallen Fruit, 2021
A permanent installation artwork made of original photographs on archival watercolor inks printed onto natural fabrics.

This modern day fresco, created specifically for the chapel, is made from hundreds of photographs taken by the artists at the Vallarta Botanical Gardens at different times of year. The artist also sourced historic lithographs of indigenous hummingbirds by Mexican botanist, Rafael Montes de Oca and English ornithologist John Gould. The title, “Los Angelitos…,” is in honor of the hummingbirds and pollinators, the little angels, that dance around the chapel. The extraordinary flora and fauna naturalized by this exotic setting is embellished into the interior spaces of the chapel and contextualized by never ending merging colorfields. The frame for the art is the building itself; the wall behind the altar represents daytime, and the opposite wall represents night. When standing in the middle of the chapel you are within a rainbow. It is very likely that you will discover some of the same plants in bloom around the garden if you look carefully.


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