MICHAEL PADILLA: Apple Bottom Jeans / Peach Bottom Jeans, 2013


Image of MICHAEL PADILLA: Apple Bottom Jeans / Peach Bottom Jeans, 2013

TITLE: Apple Bottom Jeans / Peach Bottom Jeans, 2013
RETAIL PRICE: $669 each
DIMENSIONS: 45"x24"x18"

Michael Padilla is an autistic-savant autodidact mixed-media artist focusing on imagery from his mixed American family heritage (Apache/Cherokee/WASP/Spanish/Sephardic Jew/Moor). He works in the mediums of photography, video, performance, sculpture, woodcarving, pastel, pencil, charcoal and graffiti. He is known for his sculptures made from a mix of found objects and carving and for his performances involving suspension piercing. He is strongly influenced by his father, Richard Padilla, who apprenticed under Ettore DeGrazia, and his great grandmother, Impressionist painter Elizabeth Fyler, who graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston in 1915. His work has been exhibited in galleries in AZ, CA, RI, CT, MA. Michael is also an accomplished Chef and Sommelier with awards from Wine Spectator. He is 35 years old and lives and works in Tucson.
DESCRIPTION: Multimedia sculpture - ‘Apple Bottom Jeans, Peach Bottom Jeans’ is a sculptural diptych conflating whimsy, humor, sexual/fashion puns, fetishism, projection, gaze, (gay and straight) ‘code(s)’ … thrift store finds … and fruit.
MATERIALS: thrift-store jeans, deconstructed Winnie-the-Pooh, rainbow suspenders, apple-green green fake fur leg warmers, peach-pink plush boa, Styrofoam apples and wax peaches; wood, chicken wire, papier-mache

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