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Cocktail Glasses
Fallen Fruit, David Burns and Austin Young, 2017
Limited edition

The glasses are thought provoking enough to go with your finest Bourbon...or Tequila...or Gin...or Vodka. The glasses are etched with phrases culled our travels with Fallen Fruit.

Fallen Fruit Everyday Cocktail Glasses are crafted using latest laser etching techniques. Made from solid glass, they are perfect for your everyday after work cocktail with friends.

by Fallen Fruit


  • wut a fag
  • love is endless
  • Sharing is like love.
  • On the road.  Please help.  Thanks.
  • fucked in the head californian
  • Dipshit Liberals.  Always looking for a handout.
  • Hey Baby. I should be back home soon. I have gone out for a cocktail.
  • Today I realized our problems are not under control.
  • Be yourself.  Everyone else is already taken.