Awesome Heirloom Tomato Seedlings - 4 packs


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We grew these especially for you with love in LA.
They are going to be beautiful and delicious!

We selected 10 heirloom varieties for flavor and color.
With each order you may choose 4 varieties of any variety to complete the set of the beautiful heirloom tomato plants. These are ready to plant in your garden. We will deliver it to the address of your choice for $8 if you live within the City of LA, or you can pick up the 4-pack in a custom made carrier in Silverlake for no additional charge. Use code 'PICKUP' at checkout.

We will include our special “TIPS and TRICKS” for growing great tomato plants. Start now and it is possible to get 3-4 crops of tomatoes from each plant this year! Share your fruits!!



The only truly black cherry tomato. Fruits are irresistibly delicious with sweet, rich, complex, full tomato flavors that burst in your mouth, characteristic of the best flavorful black tomatoes. Beautiful to mix with other colored cherry tomatoes. Unique tomato variety. Disease resistant. Once you try want MORE.

One of the best known and best-tasting Russian tomatoes. This tomato is perfect for cooler climates. A winning choice for a market tomato, sandwich, sauce or salad tomato.

Very productive plants producing loads of dusky rose to purple colored, 12 oz.-1 lb., beefsteak tomatoes with deep red colors to the interior flesh and dark shoulders. One of the best tasting heirloom tomatoes.

Fruits have delicious, complex, rich, sweet, earthy tomato flavors. Chocolate Stripe, another desirable 'black tomato," is an excellent tomato and a fine choice for your tomato garden. Produces well into the autumn A great sandwich tomato and salad tomato.

A moderate bearer of huge (1 to 3-pound) beefsteak tomatoes with few seeds and lots of flavor. Sets fruit well at high temps. A great slicing and cooking tomato.

The 2-inch round fruit ripens to a yellow-gold with dark-green zebra-like stripes. The flesh is lime-emerald in color that has an invigorating lemon-lime flavor. A great green tomato for brightening up salads and other tomato dishes.

Indigo Rose has created a wave of enthusiasm among because of its stunning ornamental quality. Indigo Rose is the first tomato in the world that has anthocyanins in its fruit, a naturally occurring and powerful anti-oxidant found in blueberries.

Produces 1-16 oz., 4-5", light-yellow beefsteak. Unlike most yellows this one is loaded with lots of luscious, big sweet tangy flavors. It's been one of my favorite yellows to grow for market.

This is an excellent cherry tomato suitable for farmer's markets. Also great as a salad tomato, or as a snacking tomato, or for adding to culinary creations. Another winner for your garden!

Beefsteak originally from Oaxaca, Mexico. Largest of the bi-colored tomatoes. Indeterminate, regular leaf plant produces 3-4-inch, 1-2 pound, beautiful tomatoes with sweet, mild, fruity flavors. Very popular market tomato.

by Fallen Fruit



Image of Awesome Heirloom Tomato Seedlings - 4 packs Image of Awesome Heirloom Tomato Seedlings - 4 packs